Bosnian Lejla Selimovic redesigns old Furniture into Pieces with Soul

Lejla Selimovic from Zenica is dealing with the redesign of old furniture in her workshop “Wood Surgery”. She is giving a new look to, what seems like, old and useless pieces of furniture.

These are pieces with an interesting design that are “collecting dust” on attics, garages, and cottages, and after they go through her hands and workshop, they become completely new, unique and functional pieces.

As she noted, buyers are mostly people who are not opting to classical decoration of living space, who have traveled a lot and who know that a great interior design is not in the unified and boring panel furniture, but that real space is made of memories and pieces with story and soul.

Selimovic noted that this is an interesting and beautiful job, and she met so many interesting and nice people. This job is something that she loves, and it also changed her as a person.

“At the same time, this is a job that includes a lot of work, renunciation, a lot of sweat and dust. However, it is great to do something with your own hands and to find people who really appreciate it and who are willing to give their money for it. This is not a kind of job that can make you rich overnight, but it is definitely a job that has a great prospect and that brings money,” noted Lejla.

She recommended to young people to seek a better life and happiness, wherever it is. That can be in BiH as well.

“You should not stick only to your profession, you should try new things, to spread the horizons, not to refuse jobs because you can learn something from every job. Everyone should develop good working habits, create new opportunities and not just wait for a job to fall from the sky. For all of those who want to try with entrepreneurship, it is most important to find what you really love to do. Everything is much easier then,” stated Lejla Selimovic.


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