Bosnian Musician Damir Imamovic Tops the Transglobal World Music Chart in July 2020


The album Singer of Tales by Bosnian artist Musician Damir Imamović is the number one album in the Transglobal World Music Chart in July 2020. Damir Imamović is one of the leading performers of sevdah music in Bosnia and Herzegovina.




Imamović held his first concert in The Art Gallery of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in Sarajevo, in 2004. Soon after he played numerous concerts in Bosnia and Herzegovina and in the region of the former Yugoslavia, after the first CD with his Damir Imamović Trio was released in 2006.

His most acclaimed CD was “Abrašević Live” which was to appear in 2008. It won him the “Davorin” music award of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as numerous international tours and performances in important festivals such as: Druga Godba (Slovenia), Jazz Fest Sarajevo (BIH). The “Abrašević Live” also features Damir’s first sevdah compositions based on the traditional lyrics “Dva se draga”.

Bosnian/Croatian film maker Marina Andree-Škop made a documentary film “Sevdah” alongside Damir’s work in sevdah which renewed interest of younger audiences in this ancient art. The film won Sarajevo Film Festival’s Audience award “The Heart of Sarajevo” in 2009.

Damir’s solo albums feature a bit different, more intimate style. His solo concerts in the gardens of Sarajevo during summer months became a very sought-after act, so he released the album of live performances: Svrzina Kuća, on 9 October 2011 by the Sarajevo-based record label iTM. The album consists of live recordings from his performances on 27 and 28 July 2011 in the house of Svrzo in Sarajevo.

In 2012 Damir formed Damir Imamović’s Sevdah Takht, consisting of Ivan Mihajlović (el. bass, from Belgrade) and Nenad Kovačić (percussion, from Zagreb). The trio appeared in the most important music festival in Europe: Druga Godba (Slovenia), Balkan Trafik (Belgium), Culturscapes (Switzerland), TFF Rudolstadt (Germany). In 2015 the band was joined by Ivana Djurić, a Sarajevo-based violinist.

The band had their showcase concert at the WOMEX 2015 festival in Budapest.

The quartet was signed by the Glitterbeat Records in 2015, and their first album will be released internationally on 29 April 2016. The first single “Sarajevo” was released on February 13, 2016.

Damir Imamović is a dedicated sevdah researcher, educator and a producer. In 2014 he produced and released an album “The Art of Saz” by Ćamil Metiljević, sevdah master of older generation. He also produced a young saz player’s debut “The house of saz” by Jusuf Brkić. In November 2015 Damir Imamović opened a multimedia exhibition entitled “Sevdah, the art of freedom” in Sarajevo’s Art Gallery of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


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