Bosnian sells Jugo “specialized” for the Fight against Aliens

The owner of the space version of the “Jugo 45”, which recently drove along the road in the village of Strpci near Prnjavor with the domestic “NASA” antenna, decided to sell this unusual vehicle.

As stated in the ad,  “Yugo 45 Space Warrior” can be purchased for 999, 99 BAM, and the item has unique status.

“The car was produced as a limited series of vehicles specialized for the fight against unknown objects from the universe. The vehicle includes electric 1066 hp, acceleration 0-1000 = 15.6 s, max. speed = unknown. When it comes to the equipment for this world, it has the following: right rear-view mirror, spare wheel (fifth), flip up cable (you do not have to put it, just simply loosen it from the pack and it is ready for use if your vehicle does not simply die), ambient lighting (over 1000 colours), possible automatic or manual mode, equipment for the police, the map of the world, the mobile fluorescent radio (BT, FM, USB, AUX), chip tuning STAGE X, set folders of the host computer,” noted the owner in the detailed description.

Among other things, the owner added that the vehicle is not noticeable on the road and that it can also be used for other purposes – mostly adultery.

Moreover, he also emphasized special equipment for the universe: the satellite communicator of all possible frequencies that will not interfere with the movement of air traffic, it can locate multiple objects at different distances (in light years), it has the impenetrable foil as a protection from alien lasers and it is invisible to any type of UFO radar system. The cosmic suits come with the car.

(Source: fokus.ba)






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