Bosnian went from Student to Master in just Three Years

Nenin Gopo is 21 year old from Gracanica. He is a traffic technician by education, and a pastry specialist by occupation. And a great one! He ensured his workplace, salary and a great future thanks to his craft.

Courage, enthusiasm, and a great will for learning finally paid off. In just three years, Gopo went from the level of student to master. He learned the craft from the owner of the store “Slatka Varos”, the master Hasan Hadzic. Today, they are managing the store together.

“I have made some great sacrifices, studied days and nights. It takes a lot of effort, strong will, but everything pays off at the end. I am doing everything, making cakes, presenting at fairs, selling… I gladly present everything I make with my own hands,” said Gopo.

Nenin is making wonderful pastries. When it comes to their wide offer, he specialized in delicacies that can be rarely found.

“Our specials are baklava with dry plums and baklava in jam. There are also various pastries with walnut, apples, apricot and cherries. And of course, we are the only ones who make snickers balls and white and black chocolate balls with peanuts.”

Nenin looks like a very serious and professional man, and he is only 21 years old. He has no lack of creativity and ideas. He is not even thinking about going abroad to search for a “better” future.

“I am not even thinking about going anywhere. I can have a really nice life with my business,” says Gopo.

However, he is aware of the reality and the great problem of youth unemployment, and he sent a strong message to all of his peers: “The message is simple – everyone who wants to work, will find a job. Whoever wants it, works, and puts effort will eventually succeed. But a lot of effort needs to be invested in order to achieve some good results.”

(Source: biznisinfo.ba)




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