British Ambassador Casey Supports the Court of B&H

nigel-casey-British Ambassador Nigel Casey, along with the staff of the British Embassy in Sarajevo, the British Embassy in Belgrade and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the United Kingdom visited today the Court of B&H, where he met with the President of the Court Medžida Kreso.

Kreso informed the ambassador with the most important activities and results that theCourt of B&H has achieved and with the obstacles that the Court faces in fulfilling its role.

Casey expressed concern about the pressures on the judicial institutions at the state level and stressed the importance of independent and professional work of the Court and its judges in the prosecution of the most serious violations of international humanitarian laws.

“An independent judiciary, with appropriate resources and free from political pressure is crucial for the functioning of any democracy, as well as for the aspirations of B&H to join the European Union. Judicial institutions for their work are responsible to citizens, but that should not be used to damage these institutions for political purposes”, said the British diplomat.

(Source: Fena)

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