Burch University to build the First Pavilion made of Recycled Materials

pavillion4International Burch University in Sarajevo will start with the construction of the first student pavilion made of recycled materials very soon.

This higher education institution in cooperation with the Sarajevo Green Design Festival, the French Embassy in B&H, the Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences of the University of Sarajevo, Sarajevo forests, the Foundation of Cultural Heritage without Borders (CHwB), the Association “Green Building Council”, companies “Neimari” Ltd. and “Sele” Ltd., and the Environmental Protection Fund of the FB&H, will organize a visit of site on campus of the University, where they will start with the construction works of the first experimental, innovative and ecological student pavilions which will be constructed of recycled materials from B&H.

“This student pavilion will be constructed from over 80 % of recycled material. The space will be used for the organization of exhibitions and presentations, as well as a place for students’ gatherings and the research laboratory. This pavilion is an example for how the usage of recycled materials can contribute to environmental protection, energy efficiency and creation of modern space available and adapted to everyone equally,” stated from the IBU.

The official ceremony within the framework of Sarajevo Green Design Festival will be held on Friday, the 9th of October at 10 a.m., at the campus of the Burch University where the pavilion will be constructed. During the official ceremony, participants will have the opportunity to see the presentation of projects from the mentioned field as well as the exhibition of students’ conceptual design for the construction of the pavilion.

(Source: novovrijeme.ba)

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