New Jobs: Facilities for Healthy Food to be built in Gorazde

gorazde (1)Facilities of the new company that should employ about 30 people are constructed on the territory of the municipality Gorazde.

Food for market of Libya will be produced in the facility that is emerging on the surface of 500 m2. Mayor of Gorazde Muhamed Ramović visited facilities under the construction of new company Alprom Ltd., and it was announced on this occasion that the production will start very quickly.

In the city that is recognizable by the economic development, the opening of new facilities is only an additional motive for the local community to provide all the assistance to investors.

“Together with Izet Cobra, our successful businessman from Sarajevo, we are working with businessmen from Libya for a year. We were thinking how we could stimulate new employment in Gorazde and this food production was the final idea. With the construction of the facility and its implementation, we expect up to 30 new jobs in the first phase, which is really important for the municipality. Our priority is to connect businessmen,” said Ramović.

After several visits to B&H, the owner of Alprom Ltd. Mohammed Mahjoub decided on investment.

“This is my third visit to Gorazde. Mayor Ramovic encouraged us to invest and we decided to listen to him. I have many business friends who are willing to invest in this city. This is only one part of the investment that we have invested in food production. There is a great potential, and we are aiming to open up a big market in Libya and to connect the municipality of Gorazde with the Chamber of Commerce in Libya and thus present the economy of Gorazde and B&H,” said Mahjoub.


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