Bus Info Service: Find out when Vehicle arrives on your Station

service2Companies BH Telecom, Unimedia and GRAS signed a contract on the realization of the Bus Info Service for users of public transportation in the Canton Sarajevo.

Bus Info Service is a service for informing passengers on the arrival of vehicles for public transport to the station, and it is the result of partnership cooperation between these three companies.

By calling *133*stationcode# passengers can find out how many stations away are two vehicles of all lines that are coming. *133* is the calling number, while the number next to # is unique code of the station, which will be clearly noted on the information board at every bus station.

General Manager & CEO of BH Telecom Mirsad Zaimović emphasized that BH Telecom users will also have available a Bus Info Android application that provides additional features, and which will be available for users to free download from the Google Play market. The application allows a quick search of the desired stations and lines and their location on the map of the city, and also shows the location of vehicles in daily traffic on selected lines or all of the lines that are coming to a certain station.

Zlatko Huskić, the director of Unimedia, stated that realization of this agreement will provide first-class and valuable service to the citizens of Sarajevo.

“With this project we made Sarajevo closer to world capitals and got urban traffic quality to a higher level. Cooperation between these three companies is a proof that with the joint work of socially responsible parties we can do a lot. The new service will make everyday life of our customers simple and brighter,” added Huskić.

“The service should be available for users as of the 1st of December 2015, with a free trial period within the first three months. Because of its significance for the community, this service got the approval from the Ministry of Transport of Canton Sarajevo who emphasized that the service of public transport in Sarajevo Canton will be significantly improved with the realization of this project, “said director of GRAS, Avdo Vatrić.

(Source: klix.ba)

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