Buybook: Promotion of a New Book by Aleksandar Hemon

hemon2The most successful B&H writer in the world Aleksandar Hemon, will present on Saturday, 14th September his new book published by the publishing house Buybook.

It is a kind of collection of autobiographical stories that include childhood and the time when he was young in Sarajevo before the war, and the continuation of the author’s life abroad, called “Knjiga mojih života” (Book of my lives).

The book of my lives “is a love song for two different cities, it’s a touching eulogy of the family ties, it is exciting encouragement to get out and play with ball. This book was inspired by the passions but it is built on sharp intelligence, destructive experience, and a sharp understanding of him. Like the best narratives, that is the book that gives new views of the world and because of that one can feel a different person. For the lovers of Hemon fiction,Book of my lives” is simply irreplaceable, it is the perfect introduction in the range of one of the biggest writers of our time“, says in the comments of the publishing house Buybook.


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