Campara warns Vulin about Statments on the Creation of the so-called “Serbian World”

Aljosa Campara, the Federal Minister of Internal Affairs, reacted to the statement of the Serbian Minister of Police, Aleksandar Vulin, about the creation of the so-called “Serbian world” and the impossibility to stop this process which means unification of all Serbs.

“Aleksandar Vulin, as a person who does not recognize the verdicts of international courts and the genocide in Srebrenica, is not at all competent to talk about genocide. Instead of an empty story that serves to entertain the public, it would be smarter for Aleksandar Vulin to make a civilizational step forward, more precisely to admit genocide committed in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) and apologize to the victims of the Greater Serbia ideology, ” he noted.

Campara thinks that the statements of Aleksandar Vulin and nationalists like him inflict the greatest damage on the Serbian people, who even in 2021 did not reach the level of civilization in which they are able to face judgments and show remorse for war crimes.

“Serbs have their own country and it is called the Republic of Serbia. Its borders are internationally recognized and will remain like that since Serbia will never have a single inch more than the existing territory. It should be emphasized that the realization of the dream of all Serbs in one country means Serbia’s invasion of Germany, Switzerland, France, or Austria because many Serbian citizens today are fleeing the system in which Vulin is the Minister of Internal Affairs, ” told Campara.

Finally, he sent a warning to Vulin.

“I warn Vulin, you will rot your teeth at any attempt to start the process of unification of Serbs to the detriment of BiH. You should not go that way if you have hidden intentions.”

To recall, Aleksandar Vulin, the Minister of Internal Affairs of Serbia, stated that “no one was bothered by the fact that the Germans united and thus completed the revision of the results of the Second World War, but when Serbs want to live in one state, it is a problem.”

As he said, among other things, “it is not a solution for all Serbs to live together in a foreign country, but for the majority of Serbs to live in their own country.”

“People who have experienced repeated genocide in every generation and always from the same perpetrators have no right to leave their children the opportunity to experience the extermination of their compatriots in parts of the nation where they are not protected by the state. Thanks to Vucic, the Serbs became a unique political people and a process of unification started, that cannot be stopped anymore, ” stated Vulin, Klix.ba writes.


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