Can the Policy of Austrian new Government be reflected on BiH?

Austria got the first Western European government in whose work will participate the ultra-right wing party. It is still unknown how much the entry of this party will affect the relationship of this country with BiH, but their voice will be heard in the European Union for sure.

The foreign policy of Austria towards our country should not be significantly changed, according to those who are familiar with the situation. Strache’s support for Dodik could lead to a softer policy towards the president of the RS, as stated by Nedad Memic.

“It is difficult to say how much will the SPO nurture those relations now. However, I believe that they will try to create more benevolent policy towards the interests of Milorad Dodik in certain circles,” stated Memic.

The Ambassador of Austria to BiH Martin Pammer stated we need to see what moves will be made by the new government.

“I do not think that there will be any changes. In the new government’s program, the focus remains on enlargement and the inclusion of Western Balkan countries in the European Union when it comes to the European policy,” said Ambassador Pammer.

Austrian analysts believe that this government will see itself as a safety wall of Europe. This kind of policy should be realized through the protection of borders and the suppression of illegal migration, as well as through the decrease of the number of refugees because their cultural background does not fit with the West European.

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