Canadian Military Veterans sent Peace Messages from BiH

Around a hundred of Canadian war veterans gathered at Wounded Warriors of Canada send peace messages each year on their bicycles in some part of the world. This year, they are connecting BiH and Croatia with their annual Battlefield Bike Ride, the countries in which almost 40, 000 soldiers from this distant country served in peace missions during the nineties.

This year, the Old Bridge in Mostar and its history symbolize their action.

Todd McGowan, the leader of the action in Wounded Warriors of Canada, noted that the primary function of this organization is raising money for soldiers suffering from PTSD.

“We, Canadians, want to help build bridges between Croatia and BiH with this bike ride. Almost 40, 000 Canadian soldiers have served in these two countries and we feel a strong connection with this region,” noted McGowan.

The bike-tour departed from Sarajevo, and yesterday, they spent their day in Mostar. After taking photos at the Old Bridge, they headed towards Makarska and their final destination of Plitvice Lakes. Their arrival is expected there on June 15.

“The nature is really beautiful and we had a pleasant ride from Sarajevo. This is a great opportunity for rehabilitation and facing the fears from the nineties of these areas for Canadian veterans,” said Canadian Ambassador to Croatia and Kosovo, Daniel Maksymiuk.

Besides the Canadians, a dozen veterans from our country participated in the Battlefield Bike Ride as well.

(Source: R. D./Klix.ba)

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