28 Facilities to be constructed in Kalesija?

The production and business zone Krusik should be constructed on a surface of 52.3 hectares in the western part of the Municipality of Kalesija. This area is located near Tuzla Airport, which would be one of the many benefits of this area.

As noted from this municipality, the construction of 28 business-productive facilities is planned, as well as two agricultural-productive facilities as part of the existing farm and two smaller farms for keeping of cattle with all accompanying facilities.

“This area is planned as a production-business zone with the main purpose of production and processing in the fields that are most represented in this region, according to the spatial plan of the Municipality of Kalesija. Position of new facilities should be oriented towards the local road. The expansion of the production-business zone is planned on both sides of the local road in the width of about 100 meters, and thus it will be connected with the existing parts of this production-business zone, as noted in the Regulatory Plan.

As they stated, the zone intended for business operations will occupy a total area of 228,702 meters, and it is planned for the agricultural production area to occupy a total of 294,298 meters.

“The Municipality of Kalesija has important resources for the development of agriculture, and therefore, agriculture as a branch of the economy has a priority place in the strategic development of the municipality. The data of the planned production plan through enrolment in the register of agricultural estates, as well as statistical data on sowing, represent the basis for the preparation of this year’s plan,” as noted from the Municipality of Kalesija.






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