Life Imprisonment to be introduced in BiH?

Cell in AlcatrazAlthough Dennis Gratz, the proposer of amendments to the Criminal Code of the FBiH, presented some pretty good arguments for the introduction of life imprisonment, his proposal was rejected at the 16th session of the House of Representatives of the FBiH.

Thus, there will be no drastic changes in the Criminal Code of FBiH in the future, and the representatives of the Parliament of FBiH rejected a proposal to prevent the purchase of imprisonment penalties for serious crimes with the majority of votes.

To recall, Gratz said that this amendment to the law was waiting for September to be placed on the agenda of some sessions. It seems that the whole process of waiting was in vain and that we will have to wait longer for the prison sentence that all offenders of criminal law will be afraid of.

Gratz explained that his motive for these legal changes was a bad security situation and the large number of brutal crimes, which have destroyed the illusion that we live in a safe society. The establishment, he claims, is in the law practices of other European countries, with the aim to reduce the number of crimes and to take the perpetrators off the streets.

He added that about such changes should talk judges, prosecutors and lawyers, and not the politicians.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)


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