Canton Sarajevo Authorities announce New Tram Line worth 22 Million BAM

On Thursday, representatives of the Canton Sarajevo and Ilidza Municipality signed an agreement on the realization of the tramway line from Ilidza to Hrasnica. Canton Sarajevo Prime Minister Adem Zolj said that the project on which former authorities were speaking about for decades, is finally in its final stage.

“This is an initial project that will contribute to the development of the Ilidza Municipality, above all in the Hrasnica area. Ilidza Municipality will certainly see the tourist growth. They have been speaking about this project for decades, but we have finally made an agreement with the Municipality of Ilidza, “Zolj said.

According to Zolj, after the reconstruction of the tram line in the city of Sarajevo, CS Government plans to procure new trams next year.

“The task of Ilidza Municipality is to resolve the property and legal relations, and we will later on jointly fund the realization of the project. The reconstruction of the railway from Ilidza to Nedzarici should take place soon,” Zolj added.

CS Minsiter of Transport Mujo Fiso pointed out that the most important thing was that the Government of CS demonstrated its willingness to start with the realization of the construction.

Estimation of the project Ilidza – Hrasnica tramway line is 22 million BAM, and the plan is to complete the works in the next three years. The tram line will have 11 modernly equipped stations.

For the end, authorities have emphasized that they intend to hire the domestic company for all the works.

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