Carl Bildt’s Tweet sparked Harsh Reactions and Criticism in BiH

Carl Bildt, the former Swedish Prime Minister, the EU Special Negotiator in negotiations regarding the termination of the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the first High Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina, has published a photo of Sarajevo.

Namely, the photograph shows Sarajevo before 100 years, and the text written below it sparked comments and many Twitter users considered it as fascism. Below the picture of Sarajevo, where a covered woman is portrayed by the beautiful Seher-Cehajina bridge, Bildt wrote:

“There is progress in our world. This is Sarajevo a hundred years ago or so,” Bildt wrote.

“Do you count the wars of the nineties with progress?” is one of the comments on Twitter. “Indeed, this is what Sweden looked like in 1930,” Mirnes Kovac wrote with Swedish photographs from that period.

One user published an interesting photograph of the Austrian king and queen, and a large number of photographs from the besieged Sarajevo were published during the aggression on Bosnia and Herzegovina, where all the consequences of barbaric and totally inhumane and inevitable behavior are seen.

We will just remind you, Mr. Bildt, of the story of Zejneb Hardag and the family who hid their fellow Jews when the infamous NDH came to them to take them to the Jasenovac camp. “Our home is your home,” Zejneba Hardaga told the Kavilio family, and they treated them in that way.

How much reactions the photograph has sparked shows that Marie Bergstrom, the Head of Development Cooperation at the Embassy of Sweden in Sarajevo, liked the tweet and then disliked it.


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