Catholics marking Day of St. Nicholas: Parents giving Sweets to their Children

st.nicholasCatholics from all around the world are marking the holiday of St. Nicholas, bishop from the 4th century who was a protector of children.

This holiday is making children happy, because if they were good during the year, their red socks get full of gifts prepared by their parents. The children usually get candies on this day, but the traditions are different around the world.

St. Nicholas is considered as the protector of sailors, girls, poor people, students, pharmacists, bakers, fishermen, prisoners, traders, travelers, the island of Sicily, the University of Paris and many other cities from all around the world.

According to traditional beliefs, he did wonders. Just like Jesus, he calmed the sea, and therefore he was considered as the protector of sailors. He healed with his blessing a child who had fishbone stuck in his throat, and therefore he was called the protector of children. He always fought against injustice in his life, and for love in which he recognized God. Exhausted by repentance and work, he died on the 6th of December 327, and he was buried in Mira, where the sarcophagus that his body was once laid is still located. Due to the Turkish conquest, his body was transferred to the Italian city of Bari, where his relics still are.

(Source: klix.ba)

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