Cavusoglu-Turkovic: We are now entering the phase of Realization of large Joint Project

Cooperation with the Republic of Turkey certainly contributes to building and strengthening the state of BiH, in the interest of all its peoples and citizens, said Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) and Minister of Foreign Affairs Bisera Turkovic.

Turkovic met today in Sarajevo with Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu, who arrived in Bosnia and Herzegovina on Tuesday.

After the meeting, Turkovic thanked the Government and the people of the Republic of Turkey for the help provided in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, especially for the shipment of vaccines.

“We all face an unprecedented challenge, and only friends respond in trouble,” said Turkovic.

She pointed out that they had a wide and meaningful agenda today. “Relations between BiH and Turkey are rich, intensive and are constantly improving in the mutual interest,” Turkovic stressed.

She added that today the BiH Council of Ministers decided to ratify the agreement between the BiH Council of Ministers and the Government of the Republic of Turkey on cooperation in infrastructure and construction projects.

“We are now entering the phase of realization of large joint projects, among which one of the most important is the construction of the Sarajevo-Belgrade highway with the support of the Turkish government,” said Turkovic.

She also stated that there is a clear and precise interest of all parties to build the highway as soon as possible. Turkovic said they believe it will not only relax regional ties, but also strengthen the economy of BiH, Serbia and the entire region.

“We believe that Turkey has a stabilizing and very constructive role in the region. Also, we believe that there is no stability and progress of the entire region without the progress and stability of BiH. Turkey unequivocally supports not only the territorial integrity of BiH but also our path to membership in the Euro-Atlantic community.

“Turkey is one of our most important allies when it comes to cooperation with NATO,” Turkovic said. She pointed out that the economy was the focus of today’s talks with the head of Turkish diplomacy.

“Turkey is an important foreign trade partner of BiH. Although the trade deficit is still present on the side of BiH, it is encouraging that the growth of BiH exports to Turkey has been noticed in previous years, “said Turkovic.

Other areas of cooperation, security, fight against illegal migration, culture were also discussed… “We are convinced that cooperation with the Republic of Turkey will certainly contribute to the building and strengthening of the state of BiH, in the interest of all its peoples and citizens,” Turkovic said.

Today, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu will also meet with members of the BiH Presidency, the Chairman of the BiH Council of Ministers and the leaders of the House of Representatives and the House of Peoples of the BiH Parliamentary Assembly, BHRT writes.

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