The CEC announced the first Preliminary Incomplete Results!

cecThe Central Election Commission (CEC) BiH announced at midnight the first preliminary incomplete results of local elections held in BiH.

According to the first preliminary and incomplete results, coalition SDA / SBB and SNSD have won the largest number of mayoral positions in BiH.

According to current projections, coalition SDA / SBB will win a total of 33 mayoral positions, which is 12 mayoral positions less than in the year of 2012.

Victory of Nedzad Ajnadzic in the Municipality Center in Sarajevo is definitely the biggest success of the SDA. SDA won in all municipalities in Canton Sarajevo with the exception of the Municipality of Stari Grad, where Ibrahim Hadzibajric won a third mandate as an independent candidate.

SDA lost mayoral positions in Zenica, Bihac, Visoko, Lukavac, Vares, Zavidovici, Buzim, Vitez, Maglaj and Kalesija.

The victory of an independent candidate Fuad Kasumovic in Zenica, Suhret Fazlic in Bihac (GS) and independent candidate Amra Babic in Visoko, are certainly significant challenge for the SDA.

After the fail at the general elections in 2014, the SDP stabilized electorate and recorded a slight increase. According to current results, SDP kept mayoral positions in Tuzla, Gradacac, Gracanica, Kljuc and Bosanska Krupa.

New success of Jasmin Imamovic in Tuzla, who faced with the common candidate of coalition SDA / SBB, can be seen as the most important success of the SDP.

SDP BiH won the mayoral positions in Maglaj, Zivinice and Lukavac and supported candidate who won in Buzim.

HDZ BiH won mayoral positions in Neum, Kiseljak, Siroki Brijeg, Tomislavgrad, Vitez, Orasje, Citluk, Odzak, Vares, Zepce, Livno, Usora, Ljubuski, Posusje, Grude and Vitez.

In the RS, the coalition SNSD / DNS is absolute winner. Besides victory of Igor Radojcic in Banja Luka, SNSD won in Trebinje, while the DNS kept Prijedor. SNSD will most likely have 33 mayoral positions, and according to this parameter, it will be the strongest party in the country together with the coalition SDA / SBB.

Alliance for Change kept Bijeljina where Mico Micic triumphed again, as well as Doboj, where Obren Petrovic renewed his mandate.

Final results for Srebrenica will be known after processing the votes that will arrive by post and after counting the votes from persons who voted in absence. However, according to the current state, it seems that the candidate of the Serbian political parties, Mladen Grujicic, will be the new mayor of Srebrenica.

The CEC will announce new results tomorrow around 8 am when preliminary results for municipal councils should be known as well.

(Source: N. N./Klix.ba)

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