A Century of Peace after the Century of Wars

europa“A Century of Peace after the Century of Wars” is a memorial multimedia event created and directed by Haris Pasovic which will be performed on 28 June 2014, on the Latin Bridge in Sarajevo on the same spot where the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary took place one hundred years ago this year.

The aim of this spectacle is to commemorate the victims of World War One and other wars of the 20th century with the hope that the next century will be century of peace.

This is one of the activities of the Foundation “Sarajevo, Heart of Europe” and the “Sarajevo 2014” Programme of the commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the beginning of WWI, financed by the EU with aim to send a message of peace, reconciliation and solidarity from Sarajevo to the world.

A press conference was held today at the Municipality Old Town to present the project and was attended by Ibrahim Hadzibajric, Mayor of Municipality Old Town, Dr. Renzo Daviddi, Deputy Head of the EU Delegation to BiH, Haris Pasovic, Director and Author of the Project, and Anita Kirpalani, Project Manager in the Foundation “Sarajevo, Heart of Europe”.

Combining live music, theatre, dance, video, architecture and visual art, this performance will tell a story about the terror of war and the need for peace, creativity and co-operation as the conditions for world’s survival and prosperity.

Over 280 local and foreign performers (actors, dancers, singers, musicians, authors of visual art and a chorus of children and adults) and over 220 local and international team members will take part in this event.

The play will be transmitted to video screens, which will be set up along the surrounding streets.



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