Chance for BiH in infrastructure jobs and food production

Geneve_2005_001_Ork.chTwo day session of the Permanent Board of Parliamentary Assembly of Mediterranean for Economic, Social and Cooperation in the field of Environment, started today in Geneva, and the theme of the session is ‘Harnessing Trade for Growth in the Mediterranean’.

In his talk to Fena, member of the BiH Parliament delegation Šemsudin Mehmedović said that during the first discussion, they talked about political stability as a pre-condition for renewal of trade relations of the countries in the region, especially after the Arab Spring.

Afterwards they talked about the role of the European Investment Bank and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

Mehmedović said : ‘It is obvious that these two financial institutions are primarily interested in energy potentials of countries of the region because of the EU energy independence. Politics are based on investing in democratic development of countries of the region, which would ensure political stability and safety’.

He noted that BiH  has the chance to work on jobs of reconstruction and construction of objects, in those countries where democratic process are finished, but it also can export food because in those countries there is a lack, and the EU food is very expensive.

‘There is no political stability without creating jobs, which would reduce migrations from the south towards the north, of course, democratic systems must be ensure’, says Mehmedović.


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