Minister Sarovic confirmed: Milk can be exported to the EU as of Today

mirko sarovic5The Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of B&H Mirko Sarovic yesterday confirmed that the milk from B&H can be exported to the countries of the EU starting from today already.

According to Sarovic, the European Commission rejected the appeal of Croatia on the export of milk from B&H.

The export of dairy products from B&H to the EU should have started on August 26th, but the Veterinary Office was notified that one member of the EU appealed and that the export was stopped.

It turned out that Croatia filed an appeal which said that the relevant inspection should once again visit the approved dairies prior to the beginning of export.

The dairies that have been given the green light for the export to the EU are Meggle Bihac, Milkos, Livno, and Mlijekoprodukt.


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