“Južni tok” Will Be Finished in 2016

The construction of pipeline “Južni tok” is a national project, which is vital for all of BiH. Apart from the agreed part that will go through the RS, there are more talks on the possibility for a part to pass through the FBiH, from Doboj to Zenica.

At the meeting that was held in the RS government last year, representatives of the resource entity Ministry and Company “Gasres”, as well as the Serbian government and “Srbijagas”, they said that the pipeline would be completed by 2016. The General Director of “Srbijagas” and the Director of “Južni tok” for Serbia  Dušan Bajatović said that this pipeline is safe to build, and the planned capacity for the RS is 2 billion cubic meters.

“With Russian partners the construction of two gas exchanges is 250 megawatts of electricity and heat production for Banja Luka. The RS is advancing in huge steps, and there is a will for a national plan of gasification for the entire RS’’, said Bajatović and added that Russian partners will finance from 50-100 percent of the project.

He said that they are speaking about supplying the FBiH from this pipeline. Locations for the construction of gas power plants are Banja Luka and Prijedor.

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