Chinese Man looking for Hosts who made his Stay in our Country in 1999 Unforgettable

Tang DonmingTang Donming from Shanghai arrived to B&H in 1999. He stayed only a few days, but his memories on the hospitality of several Bosnians stayed forever. More than 15 years after, Donming would like to again get in touch with his hosts.

“Few days after the end of the war in B&H, I arrived to this country due to the business obligations, It turned out to be a journey for the whole life“, started Tang Donming his story.

In 1999, Donming arrived to B&H due to a job with the purchase of beech wood that was very wanted in China as a material for the interior decoration.

“Beech wood from Europe, which is famous for its excellent quality, was very expensive at the Chinse market and was mainly imported from Italy. I heard that B&H is rich with beech tree, thus I assumed that its import price was lower“, continued he.

Thus Tang Donming talked with a trader from Croatia via email and made an agreement with him which provided his arrival to B&H and visit to the forest enterprise in Zenica.

“Believe it or not, I haven’t visa when I was at the BH border on 20th February 1999. Although diplomatic relations between our countries were established, in that time B&H still hadn’t its embassy in China. We even didn’t know what is waiting for us when we landed to the airport in Sarajevo near a dilapidated terminal dimly lit in a dark night. Airport staff brought us to the passport control where I saw Mr. Dizdarevic who greeted us with a smile“, told Donming.

After Zenica, Donming came to Sarajevo where he met the family Brodlic.

“In Sarajevo, we had a dinner with the family Brodlic. It was not a small apartment asit was standard in China. According to the carpet and oil paintings on the walls, life of this family was very comfortable. I remember the closet full of books. Our housewife was very pleasant, She talked about Mao Zedong and asked us a lot about the current China. She talked about sadness brought by the previous war, Bosnian language sounds like Russian. We talked on English but on Russian as well, because of that sometimes it was not clear what we talked about but it haven’t bothered us too much. We thought about the import of Chinse goods to B&H. Unfortunately, we haven’t agreed it, and haven’t decided on its business opportunity because B&H was still in a precarious situation, Otherwise, we would be among the first Chinese people operation at the BH market“, said Donming at the end.

Tang Donming asked the journalist Huizhi Chen to help him find good hosts who greeted him in Sarajevo in 1999.

If you know who they are, you can submit information to the redaction of the portal Klix.ba, or directly to the Facebook page Where they are.

(Source: klix.ba)

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