Citizens of Flooded Bosanska Kostajnica Need Help

bosanska kostajnicaRecently, due to a strong storm, the municipality of Bosanska Kostajica suffered damages that are estimated to be higher than those during the May floods.

Today, the Prime Minister of Republika Srpska Zeljko Cvijanović visited some of the people whose property was damaged by floods in May and July, as well as enterprise “Foresta”.

Cvijanović announced that the Board of Directors of the Fund for Solidarity of RS will discuss the way how to help the endangered families after the May floods, as well as to those who experienced similar in July.  The fund is normally formed by the law and recognizes only help to flooded households in May.

Cvijanović added that the help to people injured in the latest floods will not fail, but that, above all, the accurate information by local committee’s about damages is needed.


(Source: Fena)

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