The City Hall Full of Tourists Thrilled with the Part that Made it Through the Fire

DANI OTVORENIH VRATA U SARAJEVSKOJ VIJEÆNICISince it opened its doors for visitors, the renewed City Hall of Sarajevo is full all the time.

This Sunday, the City Hall was once again the main attraction in town, and the tourist guides organized group visits.

The tourists were especially interested in the exhibition “City Hall of Sarajevo, once again” and listened very carefully the story of its burning during the war in B&H.

One German tourist said that he came to Sarajevo exclusively because of it. He just had to see it ever since he heard it was renewed.

“I could watch this perfection for hours. It is extremely well done, it can take your breath away. And it all becomes even more important if we take into consideration that it is hand made. Although everything is new, it still has this touch of history. This is the result of a great effort where every detail was attentively elaborated.” – said the German tourist.

Besides the exhibition, the wonderful walls and the dome, the tourists like to take a look at the original part of this edifice. Every room of the City Hall has an original part which made it through the fire.

In its floor, there is an authentic part of the rock around which a new floor has been made, and lots of visitors were bending just to touch the original part.

(Source: Klix)


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