Clinton compared Trump with Milosevic

donald-trump-696x456In her recent appearance on the New York BookExpo 2017, Hillary Clinton compared Donald Trump with Slobodan Milosevic, for whom she said that he encouraged ethnic cleansing during the war in BiH.

Trump, according to Hillary Clinton, has that habit of turning neighbor against neighbor, just as evil dictator Slobodan Milosevic was doing before.

She called Trump’s administration abnormal and added that it could cause permanent damage to institutions of the USA. Moreover, she called Trump’s supporters “people who encourage constant dissatisfaction”.

At this event, Clinton addressed the audience, which was consisted of mainly her supporters in the presidential race last year.

“We have seen this already in Bosnia, and Rwanda, as well as in other countries. In general, these are countries where political leaders act only for their personal interest, personal political ideology, greed…” said Clinton, while talking about Trump and his supporters.

She also talked about Russian attempt of hacking her email. She described that act as more painful than any insult she received from Trump.


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