Coalition ”First March” is formed

Today in Sarajevo, representatives of civil society organizations and citizens have signed a coalition agreement “First March” (Prvi Mart).

Civil society organizations, victims’ associations, veterans’ associations, organizations of returnees, refugees and displaced persons, associations and movements that operate in the field of establishing the truth about the war in BiH and the fight against genocide, as well as the protection of human rights, have agreed today how to fulfil their goals.

The signatories of the coalition will fight to ensure the voting right in pre-war places of resident to t all returnees. The signatories will try to form a joint multi-ethnic lists for the Parliament of BiH, and will continue to fight for the rule of law and the independence of the judiciary and will try to maintain the existing provisions of the BiH Election Law relating to the integrity of the election process. They will also fight for the protection of human rights.

”Winning the sufficient number of seats in the legislature in general elections 2014 at the level of  entity and state level will allow the elimination of existing barriers on the road to Euro-Atlantic integration of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and will  ensure sustainable return to the RS, and will also lay the foundation for the restoration of BiH society based on the principles of tolerance, truth, justice, equality and human rights in the entire BiH”, said the organisers.

Associations from Višegrad, Prijedor, Srebrenica, Kozarac and other places in RS are part of the coalition headed by Emir Suljagić.


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