Which professions will be popular in the EU?

The European Commission started the EU Skills Panorama, a news web site about knowledge and skills that will be needed on the market of the EU in the following several years.

The web site contains information about the current state of member countries on the market but also ten year prognosis about professions that require minimum, medium or the highest level of education.

Currently, there are two million of free working positions in the EU although the unemployment rates are still high. The web site also contains a review of free job positions divided by sectors, professions and countries.

According to the prognosis of this web site, the number of free working positions that require minimum level of education will be reduced for 20% by 2020. The number of these working positions will be lower in many member countries of the EU, with the exception of Latvia, Denmark, Lithuania, and Sweden.

On the other side, the number of working positions that require higher education will rise for another 20% in the EU, with the estimated future growth in all countries, except Lithuania.

The web site shows that finance and trade sectors are the ones with the highest number of free working positions in the EU. Other needed professions are biology graduates, doctors, nurses, experts for IT and engineers.

The first version of the web site is intended for politicians, researches, and employment services. The information from the web site enables close analyses of policies in the field of education and training. Further plan of the web site is to develop further so that it could provide and satisfy the needs of people, workers, and students who could on behalf of the provided information and analysis chose and decide about further course of their carries.




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