Colonel Antal Bárdos is new NATO HQ Sarajevo Chief of Staff

Today, on September 18th, the NATO Headquarters Sarajevo Commander, Brigadier General Marti Bissell delegated authority to the new NATO HQ Sarajevo Chief of Staff, Colonel Antal Bárdos.

On the occasion, Brigadier General Bissell said that “this event is another demonstration of NATO HQ Sarajevo continued commitment to Bosnia and Herzegovina. I am sure that the new Chief of Staff will continue to successfully manage the Headquarters Support Staff in order to ensure efficient implementation of NHQSa mission”.

The change of authority ceremony took place at Camp Butmir, in presence of NATO HQ Sarajevo staff, EUFOR staff, representative of Hungarian Embassy to BiH, and HQ Commandant.

The change of authority ceremony is steeped in military traditions and serves the dual function of rendering honors to the departing chief of staff and providing official recognition of the transfer of authority to the incoming chief of staff.

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