Comedy ‘Svećenikova djeca’ in Meeting Point

svecenikova-djecaThe Sarajevo public will have the chance to watch the hit-comedy ‘Svećenikova djeca’ by Director Vinko Brešan from 27 November, which will be shown in Meeting Point.

The comedy ‘Svećenikova djeca’ is one of the four candidates for the award of the European Film Academy in the category of the best European comedy. Brešan’s film is alongside the European film hit ‘Love is All You Need’ by Susanne Bier.

The film by Vinko Brešan achieved great success in Croatian cinemas, and its opening was the most successful movie opening in the last 22 years, with 33.759 spectators.

The main protagonist of the film is Don Fabijan, a young priest on the Dalmatian island. In order to increase the birth rate in the area, he begins to punch holes in packaged condoms. Therefore, he teams up with a kindhearted kiosk employee and a frenzied pharmacist, and together they secretly get rid of all the contraceptives on the island. After initial success, many births and weddings, things start to get complicated. A bishop is compelled to go to the island to investigate what is actually going on.


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