Commemoration of the Memory of Victims of the Holocaust and Srebrenica Genocide in the UK


In the UK were held on the occasion of the commemoration of the memory of victims of the Holocaust and the genocide in Cambodia, Rwanda, Darfur and Bosnia. The Holocaust is a word that is often mentioned in the second half of the 20th century. Although the 1945 world unanimously said: “Never again,” genocide is repeated, and precisely on the ground of Europe, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, less than a day’s drive from major European cities. So words like genocide in Bosnia and Srebrenica frequently mentioned the last 25 years.

Remembering the Holocaust is actually the memory of all the accidents that people are themselves caused by killing the other and different because of skin, religion or political beliefs.

The Parliament of Scotland , at the commemoration of the Holocaust, Hasan Šehović was invited to tell her story of survival during the Srebrenica genocide. He stressed the importance of remembrance, education and celebrating the commemoration of the Srebrenica genocide. On this occasion, he met and talked with Prime Minister Nikola Sturgeon.

The Holocaust is marked at several locations. Students bh.dopunske schools with teachers in school the Bosnian house had the opportunity to see a short documentary “Words to survive.” After that, učteljice Azra Basic and Eldin Bolic have held a workshop with students, trying to explain the meaning of the Holocaust, as well as other genocides, particularly focusing on the genocide in Srebrenica.

Municipality of Birmingham is in the premises of the city municipality organized a ceremony where Mayor Mohammed Azim also present. On behalf bh.zajednice candle is lit on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Srebrenica genocide, in memory of all victims of crimes and genocide around the world and to those who are still being killed in wars, conflicts and hate crimes

Also, the Municipality of Birmingham in partnership with the New Vic Theater, organized a show at the MAC Center in Cannon Hill Park called “Yizkor”. The performance was made by true stories. Amra Mujkanović addressed the audience with emotional words related to organization Remembering Srebrenica and genocide in BiH.

Representatives bh.zajednice in Manchester and regional board Remembering Srebrenica attended the commemoration of the Holocaust in the city library . With prayers and lighting candles, tribute had been given to millions of people killed in the Holocaust and genocides in Srebrenica, Cambodia, Rwanda and Darfur. The ceremony was attended by the mayor of Manchester, Andy Burnham, Councilor Abid Latif Chohan and many other guests

CMS organization has also organized the “Evening with Lejla Damon” in the premises of the Central Library in EDINGBURG . Leila currently lives in Manchester. Lejla has left Bosnia as a baby when he passed the couple, journalists, who followed the tragic story of her mother, who was held in a concentration camp and raped until she became pregnant. Lejla now working with War Child ‘organization and regularly speaks at global conferences on ending sexual violence in conflict.

As part of the program shown on the BBC , the central memorial service at Westminster, on the occasion of the Holocaust and the genocide in Srebrenica, Rwanda ,. Cambodia and Darfur, spoke and Ed Vuliamy who along with Penny Marshall reported on the wars in Croatia and Bosnia, and in 1992 the first world discovered the existence of concentration camps in the Bosnian Krajina. Testifying before the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, Vulliamy in 1996 became the first journalist in history who testified against some of the international criminal tribunals. He was a witness to the nine processes of the ICTY, including the trial of Radovan Karadzic and Ratko Mladic. The commemoration was attended by members bh.zajednice from London.

Traditionally, this year in the premises of BH. Derby Association on the occasion of the Day of the Holocaust, organized a reception for many guests. The president of the association, Nermin Webster, invited everyone to lay flowers and honor the victims of the genocide of Srebrenica and the rest of the country to the monument located in the courtyard Bh.centra Derby. Attendees had the opportunity to watch a short film. Program was attended by the Minister Counselor of the Embassy of BiH in London, Mr. Igor Basic, Mayor of Derby, councilor Frank Harwood, and representatives of the Armenian Embassy, Ukrainian and Jewish communities in the UK. The program was attended by students and school bh.dopunske Derby and folklore group “Bosnian Pearls”

To all the victims had a sense, we are trying to be the memory of the suffering of the victims of Auschwitz and all other victims of monstrous minds to be the Doctrine of the new generations to reject ideologies that are based on segregation and intolerance.

As part of modern civilization can not forget what happened, but rather to build a future in which there will be places wars, extremism, their conflicts, and where each man will have the opportunity for a peaceful and dignified life.

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