Companies from the RS on Project of Construction of Corridor Worth 110 Million KM

otobanThe consortium of construction companies from the RS and Serbia, led by “Integral inženjering” from Laktaši, signed an agreement on the construction of a part of Corridor 10 in south Serbia worth around 110 million KM, announced the President of the company Slobodan Stanković yesterday to Srna.

An agreement was signed on 29 April in Belgrade by the President of the company Slobodan Stanković on behalf of the consortium and Dmitar Đurović, President of the company “Koridori Srbije” from Belgrade.

“The consortium “Integral inženjering”, “Inter-kop Mišar” from Sabac, and “Prijedor-Putevi” from Prijedor were chosen on 30 January as the most favorable bidders in the tender for the construction of the part of the highway Caričina valley-Manajle tunnel near Vladičin Han with a length of 6,75 kilometers and with an offer of 6,3 billion dinars or 110 million KM’’, said Stanković.

He added that this consortium left behind the renowned construction companies such as “Strabag” and “Pora” from Austria, the Turkish “Dogus”, the Greek “Aktor” and the Czech “OHL”, and bidders from Serbia, Italy and Bulgaria.

“On the building of the part of Corridor 10, around 250 employees from the RS and Serbia will be engaged’’, said Stanković and added that the deadline for completion of the construction is 720 days.

The road corridor 10 in Serbia stretches from the border with Hungary until Macedonia and forms part of the pan-European highway that connects Austria with Greece.

(Source: E-kapija)

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