Preparations for Ethno-Village at Ravna Romania

ravna_romanijaPreparations for the construction of an ethno-village in Ravna Romania are going according to plan, and more people are showing an interest for this project in the municipality of Sokolac and Director Emir Kusturica.

The Mayor of Sokolac Milovan Bjelica told Srna that the Municipal Assembly changed the former agricultural and owned by the municipality in Ravna Romania, on both sides of the main road to Sarajevo, which is part of the planned construction of the ethno-village.

According to him, in that area around five hectares belongs to the municipality, and for the construction of the ethno-village the best location will be selected from 50-100 dunums.

“There will be a change to the planned document, and it will be done in parallel to changes in the regulation plan, or a new urban plan for the area where it intends to be built. Everything has to be done in accordance with applicable regulations’’, said Bjelica.

He said that in the next period a solution from Kusturica’s designers is expected, who were recently in Ravna Romania and got to know the situation on the field.

Representatives of municipality Sokolac submitted other proposals for what could be potentially included in the ethno-village, which will be prepared as the first project by Kusturica’s team.

This ethnic-village would initially have two houses in Romanian style in which offers from Romania would be presented. The government of Japan is expected to take part in the project. There would also be a hotel, cinema, various restaurants, post office, and sports fields…

“There are a large number of individuals interested in the construction of the ethno-village, among which is the Director of Hotel “Termag” on Jahorina Aleksandar Lazarević, and a number of wood processing companies from Romania.

During a discussion between Bjelica and Kusturica at the beginning of January on the construction of the ethno-village, it was said that the municipality could help a project similar to Drvengrad, and the construction would flow in accordance with interested potential investors.

An added advantage is that the ethno-village would be located 30 kilometers from Sarajevo and Jahorina and on the main road from Belgrade to Sarajevo.

“This would be a chance for employment of the citizens, and would help in launching other tourist potentials of this region—sports, religious, culinary, and other areas of tourism’’, said Bjelica.

(Source: E-kapija)

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