Music Scene Kaktus: In Dom Mladih bands KZU Ole Ole PZU Oje Oje and Snake Eater

Muzicka scena Kaktus - KZU Ole Ole PZU Oje Oje 01The fifth concert as part of the project Musical Scene Kaktus was held in Dom Mladih in Sarajevo last night.

The young Sarajevo rock and roll band Snake Eater performed first, and continued with the promotion of its debut album “Dabar”. The band is already known for its original songs that they write themselves, such as Đavolji sin, Prodavačica, and Mamac za tvorza. This performance warmed up the audience before the performance of bands KZU Ole Ole and PZU Ole Ole.

The Travnik-based soft punk band KZU Ole Ole PZU Oje Oje, which was formed in 1998, is known for its great atmosphere at concerts and a number of songs that the audience always enjoys. They sang their new song at the concert last night “Neum”, as well as a number of other well-known hits.

The project Musical Scene Kaktus was launched with the intention to revive the former cult club Kaktus, which existed until 1992 within Dom Mladih and where its first appearances had a number of bands, which are today well-established BiH performers.

The concert as pat of the Musical Scene Kaktus will be held from April to June 2013.

The performance of these two bands began the May concerts, and the bands that will follow with performances are Zoster, Sikter, Killing Jazz Hardcore Baby, Kontra DJ’s.

Sarajevsko Pivo, Coca-Cola and Jagermeister are sponsors of the project, and media partners are Antena Saraejvo, Klix.ba and Sarajevo Navigator.

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