Construction of the new Highway Sections on the Corridor 5C to begin?

corridorFederal government reached a Decision on the beginning of implementation of the project of construction of the highway section Drivuša – Donja Gračanica, subsection Klopče – Donja Gračanica (exit from the Pečuj tunnel) on the Corridor 5C. Construction and monitoring of the construction of this subsection in total length of 5.78 kilometers will be financed from the loans from OFID and EBRD amounting to 36 million EUR, in accordance with the initiative and request by the Public Enterprise Highways of FBiH from February 22, 2016.

In case the effectiveness of EBRD’s loan is not accomplished in the foreseen period, the missing 36 million EUR will be provided by the PE Highways of FBiH, which will be allocated for these purposes in the operating plans for 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 or provided by the means of a commercial loan.

This public enterprise is tasked with concluding contracts for the construction of this subsection of the highway and monitoring services, after obtaining consent from the creditors.

In the elaboration of the decision it was stated that all preconditions for the beginning of implementation of the project of construction of this subsection have been fulfilled. Expropriation of real estate is completed, all necessary consents for the beginning of construction were obtained, and contractor and supervisor of the project implementation were also selected.

Meanwhile, there has been a change of the creditor for a part of necessary funds, and the procedure of finding a new loan is in progress. This decision has been reached so that the beginning of the construction of new subsection of the highway would not wait until necessary procedures are implemented.

(Source: akta.ba)

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