Construction of an Underground Garage in Sarajevo in the Spring

The mayor of Sarajevo’s Municipality of Stari Grad, Ibrahim Hadzibajric, today announced at a press conference in Sarajevo the implementation of four projects with funds from a loan from the Saudi Development Fund worth 13.4 million BAM.

The most important and most valuable among them is the construction of an underground garage near the City Hall, for which about 6.5 million BAM is allocated.

“By granting loans, there will be no public-private partnership, the garage will be ours and fully registered in the Municipality of Stari Grad, which will have all the income from its use,” Hadzibajric explained.

He also said that the tendering procedure for the selection of the contractor would be conducted, but his choice would only be confirmed by the Saudi Development Fund according to the procedures, so there should be no interference from other federal or state institutions.

“At best, the construction of a garage, but also other projects, will begin in the spring of next year, and all at the same time,” confirmed Hadzbajric.

“We estimate that the garage will generate a profit of about 60,000 BAM per month, while the payment will amount to about 53-54,000 BAM, which means that we will pay out all four projects with the income from the garage,” said Hadzibajric and explained that without this, the municipality could have gotten a loan.


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