Cooperation of SERDA and Eastern Sweden Region

Second meeting of the Steering Board of the project ‘Waste Management As a Method for Increasing the Local Democracy and Citizens’ Influence- The Exchange of Experiences between Sarajevo Canton and East Sweden Region’ was held in Sarajevo Regional Development Agency (SERDA).

Representatives of the Regional Council of East Sweden Jan Owe-Larsson, BT Sturk, Jens Lövgren, Anna Lindberg and Kerstin Konitzer, Head of Vogošća Municipality Edin Smajić and manager of SERDA Ševkija Okerić with associates attended the meeting where they talked about the significance and support of East Sweden in transmitting the experiences and good practice in the field of waste management. They also agreed that representatives of East Sweden and their consultants from fields of waste management will come to Sarajevo in an expert visit to Sarajevo from 10 to 12 June.

It was agreed that meeting between Swedish consultants and relevant institutions and organisations from the field of waste management in BIH will be prepared, said SERDA to FENA.

Visit of Swedish consultants should result in a comprehensive information on the current situation in the field of waste management in Sarajevo Canton, but also to offer guidelines of a possible development of the system of waste management based on Swedish experiences. Also, the web-site project was presented at the meeting.

As a part of two-day visit, representatives of East Sweden and SERDA visited landfill in Smiljević, where waste from Sarajevo Canton is being disposed and on that occasion they acquainted on the manner of building the regional sanitary landfill Smiljevići, and also they acquainted with activities of the landfill itself.

Members of delegation visited objects for surveillance of different types of waste that comes to the landfill, and they also visited the waste water-treatment facility.


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