Coronavirus Positive Man who escaped Twice from Health Workers is EU Delegation Employee


A man who escaped from Sarajevo’s Podhrastovi hospital on Thursday, then located and placed in an ambulance, has again tried to escape from health care workers, news portal learned.

Namely, after the ambulance stopped at a traffic light, not far from where it was originally located, the man managed to open the door and started running.

Fortunately, with the swift response of police and ambulance, he was put under surveillance. As learns, the infected is a foreign national and an employee of the EU Delegation to BiH.

Police officers, without protective clothing, had to contend with the infected person and return him to the vehicle, which now poses a high risk of being infected by direct contact.

After being re-housed in the vehicle, a somewhat unclear situation prevailed as information emerged that he would not be admitted to the Podhrastovi Clinic at the infected detention center, as he indicated by escaping that he did not want medical attention.

After some time, the ambulance moved towards the isolation ward, after which the management would decide what to do next with the patient who was clearly refusing treatment.


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