Council of Ministers of B&H to discuss Disputable Prices of Chips in ID Cards

idThe Council of Ministers will discuss the Report on performance audit “Procurement of personal documents” proposed by the Audit Office of the Institutions of B&H, in which was stated that the Agency for Identification Documents, Registers and Data Exchange of B&H (IDDEEA) favored a particular manufacturer and that the price of chips for the identity cards which amounts 8 BAM is not realistic, considering that their price is 1.1 EUR.

The price range that IDDEEA used in estimating prices of electronic chip, which amounts from 6 to 8 BAM, is obtained on the basis of experiential data. Estimated price range says a lot about the potential opportunities to achieve more or less favorable price during the negotiations, as well as the importance of market research.

By changing the price of the chip for 1 BAM, the total value of the contract is changed for 5 million BAM, since it was estimated and later contracted overall delivery of 5 million pieces of ID cards.

In the absence of information on the prices of electronic chips, the Audit Office of the Institutions of B&H got the information on the prices for the imported electronic chips for the purpose of ID cards in B&H in alternative way. The data showed that the price of electronic chip billed by suppliers amounted to almost 1.1 EUR, without costs of imports.

(Source: Er. M./Klix.ba)

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