Court decided: Tito’s Heirs will get nothing from his Legacy!

Tito Legacy tuzlanski.baUpon the decision by the First Basic Court in Belgrade, heirs of the former Yugoslav president Josip Broz Tito will get nothing of the property they claimed. The Court dismissed all claims of the heirs as unfounded.

In the exposition of resolution, the Court reminded that the probate proceedings for division of Tito’s property were finally completed in front of the Fourth Municipal Court in Belgrade already in 1991. Around 800 pieces of clothes, footwear and Tito’s personal belongings were divided then. In March 2002, unsatisfied wife Jovanka submitted a request for an additional inheritance resolution.

Judge Ljubica Nenadić stated that the property which the heirs claimed in additional proceeding, which was no longer owned by society, cannot be considered as additionally found legacy, thus the legal prerequisites for reaching additional inheritance resolution were not fulfilled.

During the probate proceedings, now late Jovanka Broz suggested that the property which was later covered by the Law on the Management of Socially Owned Property related to the life and work of Tito also enters consideration.

Moreover, it was added that Tito’s sons Žarko and Aleksandar Miša Broz opposed Jovanka’s proposal. As a reason for that, the late Žarko stated that her request is directed towards the state. Thereby, he disputed the statements of the late Jovanka Broz that the property, whose consideration was proposed by her, is the property of the testator, judge Nenadić concluded. The heirs will appeal.

(Source: nap.ba)

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