Covic: We are negotiating with the U.S. Administration on Changes to the Election Legislation

The President of the Croatian Democratic Union of Bosnia and Herzegovina (HDZ BiH) and the Croatian National Assembly of BiH (HNS BiH) Dragan Covic stated yesterday that intensive negotiations on changes to the election legislation are still underway with representatives of the United States (U.S.)administration.

“At today’s session of the HNS Presidency, we discussed the progress of these negotiations and once again looked at all our limits and thoughts on how to preserve the legitimate representation of the constituent peoples as a key value of the Constitution of BiH and how, on the other hand, make a step forward so that we can do limited changes to the Constitution, “Covic said yesterday.

He announced that a new round of inter-party talks on changes to BiH‘s Election Law would be held around January 20th.

Further, he announced that the extraordinary assembly of the HNS will be held soon, at which political representatives of the Croatian people should discuss, as he said, other approaches to this issue, considering that in 2021, a non-election year, no inter-party agreement was reached on changes to the Election Law.

When asked by reporters whether the HNS parties would boycott the general elections in BiH, which should be held in the fall, Covic told that this was not an option for now.

Asked whether a solution to the country’s political crisis could be expected after the introduction of the U.S. sanctions to Milorad Dodik, Covic answered with his questions if the existing sanctions had changed Dodik’s behavior.

“Is there anything new written in the sanctions that Dodik received in relation to the sanctions that he has had so far? I believe that he received identical sanctions that already exist,” Covic explained.



Source: BHRT

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