Create an Environment for Rapid Economic Development of Banja Luka

BLThe Mayor of Banja Luka Slobodan Gavranović announced last night that the city government will continue to create an environment for quick economic development, investment and creation of jobs.

“This will be a battle that we have to take and that we have to win, because these are the prerequisites for the future development of Banja Luka”, said Gavranović at the commemoration of the ceremony to mark 22 April, the day of the city of Banja Luka.

He said that without creating new value, new employment in production, the goals of development will be difficult to achieve.

Gavranović said that Banja Luka is now one of the most important regional centers in this area and that in the last decade has experienced strong expansion.

He said that development partially slowed down the economic crisis, but also said that obstacles will be overcome.

“We are moving towards our goal will big steps, for Banja Luka to become a developed, European city”, said Gavranović.

At the ceremony a cultural-artistic program was carried out, and prizes were awarded to the most successful organizations, institutions and individuals.

The Serbian Singing Society “Jedinstvo” and the RS Archives won the highest award Golden Emblem.

The Director of the RS Archive Dušan Popović said that the prizes are an indicator of the quality of this institution, but also an opportunity to introduce the achievements to the public.

The Prime Minister of the RS Željka Cvijanović, President of RS National Assembly Igor Radojičić, several Ministers of the RS and representatives of public life in the RS attended.

(Source: Nezavisne Novine)

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