Crisis Staff: We continue to live in Circumstances of constant Threat in Bosnia and Herzegovina


In the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, a total of 39.000 samples have been tested so far, and COVID-19 has been confirmed in 1.105 people. As of today, 944 patients have recovered in the Federation of BiH, while 122 cases positive for COVID-19 are currently active, Fena news agency reports.

“The virus is still present and we continue to live in circumstances of constant threat, so we must constantly be careful and adhere to the prescribed personal protection measures,” warned the Crisis Staff of the Federal Ministry of Health.

They also emphasize that maintaining physical distance, wearing a mask in a closed public space, as well as outdoors if it is not possible to maintain a distance of two meters, are some of the measures that can prevent the spread of coronavirus with frequent and thorough hand washing and personal and space hygiene.

“By responsibly adhering to the prescribed measures and recommendations, we protect ourselves and others and prevent an increase in the number of patients,” they point out from the Crisis Staff, recalling that Federal Institute of Public Health issued recommendations for performing activities in the context of COVID-19.

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