Croatia’s ruling conservatives enjoy rising popularity: survey

ZAGREB, Sept. 26 (Xinhua) — Voters’ support of the Croatian ruling center-right party is rising, while the opposition social-democrats popularity is declining, a latest survey shows.
According to the survey Crobarometar, reported by Croatian media on Wednesday, the ruling center-right party, Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ), is still the most popular party with 29.2 percent support, and this is the third month in a row that their support is rising. The biggest opposition party in the country, the Social Democrats (SDP), is in crisis and it has a support of 17.2 percent. The third strongest political party in the country is the anti-establishment Living Wall who was for months rising but has now fallen to 12.6 percent.
Although the HDZ is the most popular party in the country, the HDZ-led government doesn’t enjoy big support. Around 63 percent of the Croatian voters don’t support the government, 27 percent approves the government’s policies, while 10 percent can’t decide.
For the first time in a year, a belief in the existence of the leading coalition has dramatically fallen. Still, 70 percent of citizens believe that the coalition will survive until the end of its mandate, but compared with the previous month it is a drop of 7 percentage points.
The Croatian government has a tiny majority in the parliament. Recently, some laws were passed in the parliament with just 77 votes. Croatian parliament is composed of 151 members, and 76 seats are needed for a parliamentary majority.

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