Cultural Heritage of Stolac rising from the Ashes with 1.5 Million EUR of Grant

Cultural Heritage Stolac oslobodjenje.baCouncil of Ministers of BiH defined the Draft Basics for signing Agreement on Financing regarding the pilot program for preservation and reconstruction of cultural heritage in conflict areas in Western Balkans for 2008 between Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Commission of the European Communities.

In this way, the Commission of the European Communities will participate with 1.5 million EUR grant funds in financing pilot program which in B&H includes project of reconstructing architectural heritage in the center of Stolac.

The project will include reconstruction of several national monuments in Stolac, with the aim of contributing to the restoration of the city’s cultural heritage and better living environment for all citizens of Stolac, as well as to the improvement of local economy. Furthermore, the project should stimulate investing from state and private sector, contribute to the development of tourism opportunities in Stolac, and encourage the return of refugees.

The project will focus on reconstruction and restoration of the following facilities: bridges on the Bregava River, revitalization of a part of “Old Town Vidoski” Stolac complex, Family House Šarići in Stolac, and restoration of mills.

After the reconstruction, a part of project for revitalization of the Old Town will be activated in order to make it available for sightseeing and other tourist and cultural purposes.


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