Husein ef. Kavazović: We raise our Voice against killing of innocent People

Kavazović about Violence klix.baWe must not have any dilemmas about evildoers representing no one’s religion, and especially not about them not belonging to our community of peace and good, said the supreme Head of the Islamic Community in B&H, Reis-ul-Ulema Husein ef. Kavazović, in a sermon during the Jumma prayer – the Muslim Friday prayer.

“Islam is a religion of peace. We, Muslims, the followers of Islam, are constantly striving for establishing peace in ourselves, in our families and in societies in which we live. Our Muslim name and determination are defined with the word ‘peace’ and its deepest meaning,” Kavazović said.

Furthermore, Kavazović said that we “must not have any dilemmas – the evildoers do not represent anyone’s religion, and they especially do not belong to our community of good and peace”.

“Being sympathetic towards them is a sin. Also, we cannot defend the killers of innocent people in Gaza and Syria who are doing evil in the name of the world powers. Unfortunately, the largest number of victims of criminals and those who are allegedly fighting against them are Muslims. Out of the total number of innocent victims in the world, killed during the past several years, over 85 percent are Muslims,” said Kavazović.

Kavazović highlighted that the main goal of Islam is the benefit of mankind, and that Muslims should fight to protect life, religion, reason, dignity, posterity and property of every human being. As he said, to endanger any of these foundations means to endanger the entire mankind.

Moreover, Kavazović invited the authorities to use force and stop those who spread hate and call for terror, and invited learned men to publicly stand up to evil, explain it and condemn it.

(Source: klix.ba)

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