Cvijanović: Money from IMF and Elektroprenosa B&H To be Obtained Soon

zeljka_cvijanovic_280213Prime Minister of RS  Željka Cvijanović expects by the end of January and beginning of February to create conditions for obtaining funds from the last tranche of IMF, which was supposed to be available by the end of this year, as well as funds from “Elektroprenosa B&H”.

“We are on the good path to reach these funds by the end of January or February”, she said.

She pointed out the results of this year, and among others, the return of 5 percent reduction for 10 percent salary to budget beneficiaries, and pensions will increase by 7.3 percent  from January 2014.

Although she agrees that pensions in RS are still low, she expressed the readiness of the entity government to work on the further improvement of the economic situation of the oldest population of the RS.

The measures of economic policy for the next year, as she announced are a series of measures to relieve the economy. She added that Government has a “B list” or reserve list with specific measures, which could be followed in March or April of next year, depending on the budget.

At the New Year’s reception for media representatives Cvijanović added that this year was a hard one, “because 5 years of crisis marked the social environment not only in the RS but even in much more powerful countries.

She stated that beside the crisis, the RS has settled all the obligations towards budget users.

(Source: Avaz)

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