Dance Club Aster brought numerous Medals from a Competition in France

The European Championship in Saint Romain en Gal (France) has been successfully completed. This dance competition gathered 600 dancers from 12 countries, and they were joined by dancers from the Dance Club “Aster”, the only representative of BiH. This club managed to achieve some excellent results.

Dancers from the Dance Club “Aster” showed their knowledge and skills already on the first day of competition and they managed to convince the international jury that they deserve the title of the best.

The first gold medal represented an additional incentive for Aster to bring even more gold medals to BiH the next day.

Dancers and trainers of the Dance Club Aster, Vedran Marceta and Valentina Vavra, attracted a lot of attention on the competition. After dancing in four tango disciplines, they achieved the title of the best dancers in the discipline Argentinian tango.

“Behind us is a difficult, but more than a successful dance weekend. We can say that we are very proud and thankful to God for the opportunity to present BiH in the best way possible and to bring the best awards to our country. It is difficult to be the best in Europe, but effort, sacrifice and hard work always pass off. We are happy to show the quality of our club once again, and besides the title of the world champion, we also brought the titles of European champions,” said Josip Milanovic, the coach and spokesman of the Dance Club Aster.

The European Championships in France gathered the best dancers and dance groups from all over the world and they had the opportunity to present their dance choreographies in several dance disciplines, including: Argentine Tango, Bachata, Caribbean Show, Latin, Swing, Merengue, Salsa Shines and numerous others.

(Source: klix.ba)

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