The Day when Bosko and Admira got killed

Bosko and AdmiraOn yesterday’s day, Romeo and Juliet of Sarajevo, Bosko Brkic and Admira Ismic, got killed 24 years ago. These 25-years old were killed on the Vrbanja Bridge while trying to escape from the madness that our country was going through on May 18, 1993.

Young and in love, although of different nationalities at the time when it was impossible, they were preparing the wedding and escape from the unbearable reality. On that fateful day in May, in the afternoon hours, while hoping to leave Sarajevo, the two of them became Romeo and Juliet.

Their bodies were left lying in the street for 7 days. Admira’s parents found out that their daughter was killed two days later.

Photos of dead bodies of Romeo and Juliet of Sarajevo, lying on the bridge in Sarajevo in each other’s arms, went all over the world.

Seven days after they were killed, the Army of RS took their bodies from the bridge and buried them in Lukavica. After the war, back in 1996, their remains were transferred to the cemetery Lav in Sarajevo and buried together, on the initiative and desire of Admira’s parents.

Nobody ever was held responsible for their murder: the perpetrators have not been found.

Many people wrote poems, articles, and stories about young lovers. One of the most famous articles was the one by Kurt Schork, that was published by Reuters on May 23, in 1993 and which traveled the entire world. Famous rock group “Zabranjeno pusenje” from Sarajevo recorded a song called “Bosko i Admira (Bosko and Admira)” several years ago, and Bill Madden did the same.

A documentary about Bosko and Admira was recorded as well. It was directed by John Zaritsky and recorded in co-production of PBS’s Frontline, National Film Board of Canada and WDR Germany.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)


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